Three Week Naviluna Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Making Intensive Course & Certificate

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For the first time the Naviluna kitchen will be opening its doors for the most in-depth learning experience in chocolate making offered anywhere in India!

Designed for those that to take their chocolate knowledge and skills to professional heights.

This 3 week intensive, set to be hosted at the new Naviluna Chocolate Kitchen in the heart of Mysore city, will cover all the principals of craft chocolate making. Attendees will get practical commercial chocolate making experience supported by in-depth theory and tasting classes, with a final exam and certificate.

The course will be broken down into the following modules:

  • Dynamics vs mechanics: understanding both the art and science of chocolate making
  • Ingredient sourcing, grading and selection
  • Sensory development: developing your palate and learning to taste chocolate (and everything else)
  • Chocolate processing standards
  • Working with chocolate making machines 
  • Commercial chocolate kitchen skills & process planning
  • Flavour theory & recipe development

What you'll learn on the course 

- cacao provenance & terroir
- cacao genetics
- post harvest processing including fermentation
- cacao selection
- cacao quality grading
- processing standards
- how to develop chocolate flavour through conching
- manipulating chocolate texture
- making recipe choices: working with different sugars (& cacao butter)
- ingredient selection and recipe development
- Introduction into tempering cacao (practical)
- how to temper large batches of chocolate by hand (practical)
- working with chocolate in a commercial environment (practical) 
- speed and efficiency in the kitchen (practical)
- how to operate different chocolate processing machines (practical)
- how to taste and develop your palate (practical)
- get to taste international craft chocolate brands from around the world (practical)

Who's this course for?

  • Home bakers that want to deepen their chocolate knowledge and improve their chocolate skills, kitchen management and get a taste of a real commercial kitchen
  • Pastry chefs that wish to take their chocolate knowledge and skills to the next level and get a far deeper grasp of the subject of craft chocolate than would be possible in a pastry school or commercial bakery
  • Professionals from other industries that are passionate about food hungry for knowledge, love to do things outside of their vocation and sweat it out under the pressure of the commercial kitchen. 
  • Budding young chocolate professionals looking to get into the chocolate game be it in post harvesting, agriculture, chocolate making, pastry or food production.

The practical stuff

  • Location: New Naviluna chocolate kitchen in the heart of Mysore
  • Dates: 25th Jan -  12th of Feb 2021 
  • Course timings 10am - 5pm Mon - Fri
  • Availability: Maximum 5 attendees can attend this course.
  • Price Rs. 1,44,000 (email for instalment options)
  • Travel & accommodation: not included in the price. 

For further information and inquiries please email