NAVILUNA Chocolate Bar Subscription - Billed Monthly - Save 15%

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Chocolate Bars delivered to your door every month - billed monthly - you save 15% off MRP


Does the thought of running out of craft chocolate keep you up at night?

Or maybe you just love craft chocolate, but don't love going through the process of having to order it every week. Our subscription service delivers a selection of our award winning Naviluna chocolate bars to your doorstep every month so that you don't have to worry about keeping stocked up.


With this subscription you'll get

- An assortment of Inclusion and/or Single Origin Chocolate bars as per your selection

- Free signup

- Free delivery 

- Save 15% on MRP

- No hassle

- Little chocolate gifts from time to time

- Cancel anytime



Naviluna has long been associated with unconventional flavour pairings and combinations in our quest to champion Indian indigenous and locally reared ingredients. We will be releasing two new inclusion bars every month as we keep testing, tasting and experimenting to come up with subtle, balance and nuanced new recipes that we hope you will love. 



Our single origin chocolate bars have been crafted to demonstrate the terroir or inherit flavour of the cacao's from which they're made. Similar to wine, the flavour of fine cacao and fine chocolate is informed by the soil, weather, microclimate and topography of its' region. These bars provide a chocolate window into the diverse flavours of the ghats, valleys, forests and planes of south India and the Deccan 




  1. When will billing and delivery take place? Billing will happen on the 12th of the month and your box will be dispatched on the 24th.
  2. Can I swap a bar from my subscription for something else? Absolutely, so long as its in production at the time and at the same price. Just email us by the 6th of the month.
  3. Are subscriptions open to international customers outside of India? Yes, but please do email us at for shipping charges.
  4. Are sliding scale pricing options available if we pay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance? Yes! See our quarterly, biannual and annual subscriptions
  5. Can I cancel anytime I like? Yes absolutely. You'll be able to manage your subscription from your own dashboard and cancel whenever you like.