Chocolate Sommelier Course - Module 2: Dynamics vs Mechanics

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This is the second module in a three part course teaching you to become a chocolate Sommelier.

Topics covered in this module:
- How chocolate is actually made
   - Roasting
   - Grinding and refining
   - Conching
- Flow and viscosity
- Understanding microns
- Acidity and Alkalinity 
- How structure affects flavour

What you'll taste in this module
- Chocolate produced on various types of machinery
- Chocolate with varying types of fluidity/viscosity
- Chocolate with and without added cacao butter
- Chocolate with various levels of texture, with varying micron sizes

Course Materials: 
- Tasting kit featuring chocolate samples for interactive learning.
- 1 Naviluna Chocolate Bar
- Digital Certificate of completion 

Date: July 10th 2021 - 11 am IST 

Location: Online via live stream
Course duration: 2 hours 

About this course:
This course has been designed to give you comprehensive practical and theoretical understanding of chocolate, how it's sourced, how it's made and how to determine attributes of quality to distinguish the right chocolate for every occasion.  


Who's this course for?
- Pastry Chefs /Hot Kitchen Chefs/ Bakers/ Home bakers / Bartenders/ Baristas who want to get a deep understanding of chocolate so as to be able to make more educated choices in their own work.

- Connoisseurs / Gastronomes / Chocolate Lovers who appreciate quality food and drink and want to enhance their experience of chocolate by deepening their knowledge and developing their palate.

- Industry buyers/ Merchandising managers / Retailers engaged with sourcing and procuring chocolate who want to be able to make better informed retail decisions about the products they carry. 

 How to register:
1. Purchase your slot by ordering the course online here.
2. Course live on 10th July 2021 at 11 AM IST