NAVILUNA Chocolate Lover Gift Box (6 pack)

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The ultimate NAVILUNA chocolate explorer pack 

In this gourmet selection box we have picked our stars and big sellers of 2018. Inside you’ll find a broad spectrum of flavours traversing complex, rich yet subtle cacao notes, to fragrant East Indian limes, tropical sweet citrus, mango, caramels, soya sauce, shade grown coffee, pineapple and even sweet red capsicum, with hints of chili.

The box features collaborations such as the Mitarashi Dango bar inspired by the collection presented at Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai by designer Divya Sheth. We’ve added the reworked recipe of our signature lime bar, the Candied Gondhoraj, our Caramalised Mosambi & Caraway bar, as well as some classics including the Great Taste awarded Keralan Single Origin and Tokai Coffee & Pineapple bars finishing the collection off with our much loved Mango Chili & Capsicum.

Chocolate Bars featured in this pack

  • 72% Keralan Single Origin
  • Tokai Coffee & Pineapple
  • Mitarashi Dango – Soya Sauce Caramel & Puffed Rice
  • Candied Gondhoraj Lime
  • Caramelised Mosambi & Caraway
  • Mango, Chili & Capsicum


Net weight per bar: 72g


Net weight per pack: 432g


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Our 6 top selling chocolate bars of 2018

A collection for all your chocolate lovers, this is the perfect addition to your chocolate library or a great opportunity for those determined to taste their way through our flavourful highlights of the year.

Net Weight 360g


The ultimate Earth Loaf  chocolate explorer pack 

The ultimate Earth Loaf  chocolate explorer pack 

We've released a variety of flavours to choose from in 2017, hence you might be struggling to choose.

For those of you who abhor compromise, we've created the Chocolate Lovers Collection. The perfect gift for any serious chocolate adventurer, determined to taste their way through our flavourful highlights of 2017. We've also thrown in a little discount for added sweetness.

This gift pack features our top 8 selling chocolate bars of 2017 including:

72% Karnataka Single Estate

72% Keralan Single Origin (Great Taste 2017 Winner)

Jack (fruit) & Black (pepper) Chocolate Bar

Smoked Salt & Almond Chocolate Bar

Gondhoraj & Apricot Chocolate Bar

Himalayan Fruit & Nut

Coconut, Ginger & Gondhoraj

Tokai Coffee & Pineapple (Great Taste 2017 Winner)