Ever dreamt of owning a chocolate factory? Well now's your chance!!
Naviluna has always grown with the support of a core community of people that believe in the marriage between sustainability, craftsmanship, well-being and creativity. 
As we look to grow and evolve as a company we are offering our most ardent supporters the opportunity to share in the growth opportunities that lay before us, and take part in the economic returns.


With a market size estimated to be $2.4 billion in 2019*, the chocolate Industry in India is growing rapidly. We believe that an omnipresent craft chocolate company can bring wholesome, sustainable and well crafted chocolate products to various areas of the industry where quality was simply not an available option. Our goal is to grow revenues to $150 million in the next 9 years.


RAISING INR 3cr / GBP 330K / USD 420K for 24% equity 


NAVILUNA is India's first bean-to-bar chocolate house, based in Mysore - Karnataka, incorporated in 2012, enjoying organic growth on the Indian market since 2014 and looking to grow into ASEAN and UK and EU markets.

We produced the first Indian origin and Indian made chocolate bar to win 2 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods, UK, Silver Medal at the International Chocolate Awards (Asia Pacific), and are working towards a goal of supporting small-holder organic cacao farmers across India and Sri Lanka through sustainable-high quality processing methods that can earn them a premium on the global market, whilst creating equitable employment at source.

Initially started with INR 18k / GBP 200 / USD 240, later backed with GBP 3K on Kickstarter, we turned over 37,500% of initial investment in FYE 18/19

Sold the equivalent of 27,000 chocolate bars sold in FY18-19

Instagram 6K | Google searches 8k | Website visits 1.7k 

Retailing exclusively through speciality cafes, fashion boutiques, independent organic stores,  lifestyle stores and and our own online store.

Bespoke work for high-profile clients including Paul John Single Malt, Jaegermeister UK, Greater Than Gin, Taj Westin Hotel, The Hyatt, London based Family Offices, HNI Weddings.


Whilst this first phase of our business has seen an emphasis on building a strong B2C brand, known for complex, innovative and well balanced flavours, incorporating indigenous or locally sourced ingredients from organic farms where possible, we have begun building a strong B2B brand for the on-trade that sees our products being used by cafes, hotels, bakeries and restaurants. This will form a large part of our second phase, enabling strong growth.

key strengths


NAVILUNA (formerly Earth Loaf) has become an iconic brand associated with a distinct design aesthetic with "glocal" (locally made, global in outlook) brand positioning reflected both in our photo catalogues, flavours and packaging more akin to a fashion house than a chocolate commodity brand.



"Before conquering the world, define your world.''
By working strictly within a clearly defined sub-niche, we have been able to find a core customer base that was specifically  looking for what we have to offer, enabling us to serve them comprehensively, translating to approx 33% repeat trade, fuelling growth through "word-of-mouth" network effects.


There's nothing innovative about entering a 300 year old industry. But that doesn't mean there isn't space for innovation.

We are incorporating technology in agricultural inputs, innovating post- harvest processing protocols and chocolate making to bring greater accuracy and quality to the chocolate we make and deliver greater value to customers and farmers


India is believed to become the world's third largest consumer market by 2030 whilst the ASEAN trading block continues to grow faster than most western economic areas. 

In a post Brexit era, we are offering direct access to high growth markets with operations domiciled there to reduce costs, barriers and friction to entry, whilst being headquartered in the UK to avail an efficient legal and business friendly eco-system.