NAVILUNA Single Origin Collection (6 pack)

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A collection of our three single origin Bars

For those wishing for a journey of sun, rain, topography and bio-dynamic parlance upon flavour we bring you this flavourful cross section of the Deccan Plateau in chocolate. This pack features two bars each of our heady and bold Karnataka Single Estate, our mild gentle and slightly wooded Kerala Single Origin, and our well balanced Malabar Forest Single Origin. All bars have a very distinctive flavour profile, reflecting their growing environment and post harvest processing methods. This is the most vivid range of Indian origin chocolate you’ll find anywhere.

All bars have been made at 72% strength

Net Weight 360g

Naviluna artisan dark chocolate is hand-crafted at low temperatures to harness the greatest nutritional potential of each and every cacao bean, made bean-to-bar in small batches, showcasing the distinctive terroir and flavour of south Indian cacao.