NAVILUNA Off White Chocolate Bar - DROPS SOON!

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We've long said there's no such thing as white chocolate being the dark chocolate snobs that we are. However like a white nosed unicorn trotting across Brigade Road, our customers asked us to make this cacao laden fantasy a manifest reality. 

Hence we present to you "Off White." Our rendition of a white chocolate bar includes organic non-alkalised cacao butter, coconut mylk, unrefined cane sugar, seasoned with dehydrated white sourdough crumbs soaked in olive oil. 

Made from certified organic cacao butter

Net weight: 60g

Naviluna artisan dark chocolate is hand-crafted at low temperatures to harness the greatest nutritional potential of each and every cacao bean, made bean-to-bar in small batches, showcasing the distinctive terroir and flavour of south Indian cacao.