NAVILUNA The India Story 2017 - I A M 7 2 Collection (4 Pack)

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This combo pack features all four bars that made up the I A M 7 2 collection specially designed for the India Story Design exhibition held in Kolkata 21-24th of December 2017. The collection is an attempt to express the prime microcosmic flavours within cacao, such as wood, citrus and caramel.

The collection includes:

Citrus – Caramalised Mosambi Sweet Lime & Caraway
Let us be reminded of summer days punctuated by the ultimate citrus accomplice, the Sweet Lime, affectionately known as Mosambi. Caramalised for an interplay of bitter, tart and sweet, we’ve added caraway seed for a herbaceous lift that cuts through our deep, rich dark single origin South Indian dark chocolate for balance.

Wood – American Barrel Aged
Observation has taught man that time is key in the pursuit of great food. We bring you a unique experience featuring Karnataka Estate cacao aged in American oak whiskey barrels. Once home to bourbon and single-malt spirit, the wood imbues its history into every single bite of chocolate, mellowed by the elegance of time.

Caramel – Mysore Pak Nouveau
The historical city of Mysore boasts many iconic symbols with the power to summon vivid nostalgia at an instant. To the dedicated foodie though, there’s only one true icon of this majestic old city, the Mysore Pak. We’ve redesigned the classic confection with a contemporary twist, garnished upon our rich dark chocolate.

Original – Malabar Forest Single Origin
From the forested hills of the south Indian region formerly known as Malabar, we bring you the third in our single origin collection. This chocolate bar is made from cacao reared in two villages situated in protected forest land, featuring medium acidity, light wooded notes, hints of citrus fruit and an extended caramel finish.

Naviluna artisan dark chocolate is hand-crafted at low temperatures to harness the greatest nutritional potential of each and every cacao bean, made bean-to-bar in small batches, showcasing the distinctive terroir and flavour of south Indian cacao.