NAVILUNA Mitarashi Dango Chocolate Bar in collaboration with Divya Sheth - LTD ED

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This bespoke chocolate bar has been made specially for ‘Shizen,’ the Elle Graduates winning collection by Divya Sheth, showcased at the Lakmé Fashion Week Mumbai 2018.
Earth Loaf Artisan Chocolate have accompanied this unique collection by drawing from traditional Japanese pastry culture and the Mitarashi Dango dessert in particular, employing ingredients that have long played a central role in the Japanese palate including fermented soya sauce, sautéed rice, caramel and sesame.
This bittersweet bar stimulates the palate through an interplay between sweet, umami and mild bitterness with a playful texture and the crisp fruity notes of our South Indian craft chocolate.
About the fashion: Translated to mean nature, the Shizen collection endeavours to straddle between kurta and kimono or “kurmono,”bridging Indian craft and Japanese aesthetic; dream and reality. The collection features organic silk, Organza silk, hand spun Khadi and crushed cotton.

Naviluna artisan dark chocolate is hand-crafted at low temperatures to harness the greatest nutritional potential of each and every cacao bean, made bean-to-bar in small batches, showcasing the distinctive terroir and flavour of south Indian cacao.